If your a regular reader then you will know I’m an Australian squash player who recently moved to Edinburgh in Scotland to further my career. This clearly means I’m a long way from home!

When I tell people this both inside and outside the squash world, I can sometimes receive shocked responses and always the question of- “Do you miss home?”, “When will you go back to Australia?” and my response is generally this “No I don’t miss home as I don’t get homesickness, my life is here now and I talk to family and friends back home all the time, so I don’t plan on going home anytime soon”.

Being on tour has shown me many things and a valid lesson that there’s no one perfect way to achieve the dream.
The decision to move was based on improving my squash, getting experience, exposure to overseas players on a more regular basis and to grow as a player, and as a person. So far it’s been successful and I can confidently say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

However, a move like this isn’t for everyone, infact at the past few tournaments speaking to other players on tour, has confirmed how different everyone is. It Seems there is those who have made the big move overseas, whilst others choose to do a couple months at a time, training, playing and some even choose to only travel for tournaments. It surprises me that a few want to stay based back home, but for me, I jump at the chance to travel!
some people prefer their comfort zone, or being close to family and friends which makes long periods of time away stressful and that’s what works for them.

Lucky for me homesickness has never been areal issue, yes I miss home of course, but fortunately it has little effect on me most of the time and it is probably because I have travelled on my own from quite a young and even spent 3months living overseas at 17 before moving out of home at 18. The simple things like building a support network, keeping busy and regular contact with back home has help build a strong independent defence system.

Accepting that life goes on back home, but staying focused on the beginning of a new, and exciting life abroad keeps me going. Everyone is different and finding what works for you can only be done by trial and error.
‘Take the Risk, Make the Plunge, Go for the Dream’

& That’s My Athletes Mind…


2 thoughts on “Homesickness?

  1. Have fun in Bonnie Scotland and I hope you’ve got plenty of Beanies………’ll need them!!
    Good luck and keep writing.


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