Athlete Tourists

Keeping it short and sweet this week with one of the best parts of being an athlete on tour is playing tourist! World in your hands

I confess, I’m a diehard tourist! Photo book upon photo book is filled up with pictures. Every destination I visit I make every effort to see the main attractions at least. I think of it this way- an incredible opportunity to explore the world playing my sport and who knows if I will ever go back to that destination twice, so live it up. Also this logic would imply that if by chance I visit Paris 10 times over the years and each time like my last, then I’m sure I’ll find the perfect French patisserie and chocolate house, or know plenty of them.

Whilst it is one of the best parts of the job there’s the issue of priorities and Squash comes first. Late night matches, two matches a day or even supporting fellow players doesn’t always allow for a day of sightseeing. For example a late match doesn’t exactly give you a day ticket of fun and exploring either as you generally need a practice hit, some rest and fitting in a meal prior to playing. Once the tournament is over or you maybe get knocked out then you can go out into some of the most beautiful cities with camera in hand.

Although, not every destination for a squash tournament is a dream escape. In some cases, staying inside and keeping to the hotel food is the best and only option. For me personally, it’s the countries that are the most diverse in culture that are the most impressive. Languages, which side of the road to drive on, different kinds of food, local personalities, weather, infrastructure and religious/cultural background are the obvious key things you notice the differences in. Theses things can cause difficulties asWell especially with ordering food and communicating for transport but overall the more unique the better!

Even if we have to cut it short to see the sights I’ll try to squeeze in one of the sightseeing bus tours many cities have now, it’s the best and quickest way to see the attractions. It’s a handy tip if you’re ever short on time 😉 and don’t forget about souvenirs! (Most airports have the last minute decisions covered such as Swiss Chocolate!)

No matter what, if you’re not in your backyard then you’re a tourist…Welcome to my world of tourism 24/7.

& that’s My Athlete Mind…

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