PLAN A, B, & C

Planning, sounds simple, except when the plans are changed, changed and changed again.Plan a, b & c

Gee sometimes I think to myself, are you kidding? It’s normally easy for me as I’m such an organised pre-plan kinda gal but in some cases that can just make things worse. One, my plans are strict so if random things pop up it throws my whole schedule out. Two, I complete a plan well in advance and then things happen in a short space of time that requires alterations to the original plan. Three, being an athlete involves a lot of planning you’re a player, coach, psychologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, manager and your very own travel agent.

I think for those athletes who are proactively good at looking for flights and hotels, especially on a sneaky budget, you should definitely consider being a travel agent as a career afterwards.

The plans change for various reasons for me.  I like to know roughly where I’ll be for the next 6 months. It creates a clear idea of what I’m working towards and setting down goals. Dates and times may change, tournament size could be up or downgraded, tournament expenses may outweigh benefits and the main one is who else is playing. The tournament draws causes you to be selective.You have to be logical and realistic in your expectations. If you’re ranked 160 there’s no real justification in planning on winning the world open this year, unless your a freak!

There’s been countless times where the plan also needs to change because your result isn’t good and you need to get out of there ASAP. or worse, what if an injury occurs. Thank goodness for flexi tickets they may cost extra but man it’s worth it sometimes. I’m unsure how much money I have spent on changing flights and hotel bookings.The worst feeling is the occasion where you select the wrong date in the first place. I’m positive it was the buttons fault and not mine!

This is probably one of the things about being an athlete that for me is so frustrating. Being organized often backfires at me and creates my favourite emotion; stress. I don’t like change which you think I’d get used to, but I don’t. I’m far too stubborn for that.

It’s just good that I’m one of the lucky ones who could be a travel agent and can do things last minute.

& that’s My Athlete Mind…


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