Keeping It Local

Okay so Australia is big, if you haven’t seen it, it’s that blobby mass island continent in the Southern Hemisphere on planet earth with its little best friend next door. Hello New Zealand! Anyway my point is that being bought up in a country that for its size has a small population, travel is an essential way of getting from point A to B or that special show or sporting event.Location Of Australia

It’s quite funny coming to Europe, everything is so close and I hear all the complaints about an hour or two train trips etc. When in comparison, growing up in a coastal town called Coffs Harbour meant having to drive seven hours to Sydney every two weeks or at least once a month for training and tournaments, it was normal and baffles me with the comprehension of ‘travel time’ between the continents and lifestyles.

With squash I’ve been lucky to see a lot of Australia; I have travelled to every state and capitol city, many country spots, coastal towns and the odd holiday destination. As I said, Australia is huge so technically I’ve barely scratched the surface. With most types of landscapes and climates all in one country- dessert/rainforest, coastline/bush lands, mountains and oceans. I could talk up Australia and its beauty all day long but I won’t bore you with how amazing it is.

After squash, when I’m old and retired it’s the dream to be a ‘Nomad’ for 6 months and drive around Australia in a camper van. The traditional Australian retiree dream!  Driving from place to place, stopping as you please, staying as long as you like. No schedules…that will be a huge life change!

Even though it seems a little backwards, I’ll see the world before I do my own back yard.

& that’s My Athlete Mind…


One thought on “Keeping It Local

  1. I have only recently stumbled across your blog and have found it very interesting, so firstly keep up the good work. In terms of travel I think attitude varies from country to country. I hail from Scotland where there is very little public transport so hopping in a car for a 3 or 4 hour drive came as second nature, whereas, when I moved to south east England, people were astonished at that and when I hopped in the car to go and watch sport 2 or three hours away every week.

    As I say, keep up the good work with the blog and the training


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