Tasty Time To Cool Things Off!

Devoted Reader,

After receiving amazing feedback and many questions about life and what I’m doing, I noticed a regular topic- Nutrition. Over time I have developed a great deal of knowledge through experiences, research and a general interest in the area. Also, I have worked with a nutritionist over the past few years who has guided me, offering many words of wisdom on the subject and creating a passion for the industry. Therefore, I have decided to use the blog to help answer some problems, share my knowledge and give a little inspiration in the kitchen!

In the near future I will talk about the importance of nutrition and the values it has on our health and performance as an athlete.

Right now in Australia most of us are sweltering through heatwave after heatwave! So to kick things off and help cool us down here is a couple recipes for some sneaky, cool down fruity treats! (To those overseas folk freezing in snow I suggest herbal teas for now)Raspberry Lime Sorbet

Raspberry Lime Sorbet


500g Frozen Raspberries

¾ Cup Caster Sugar

2 Limes Zested and Juiced


Using Food processor, combined all ingredients for 5-6mins or until smooth.

Place in freezer and stir every 2-3 hours until set. Scoop and Serve!Peach Iced tea pops

Peach & Mint Iced Tea Icy’s

Icy Pole Mould

½ Cup Peach Ice Tea

½ Cup Water

½ Cup Diced Peaches (Fresh with or without skin up to you)

6 Fresh Mint Leaves


Mix tea and water together and pour evenly into moulds. Divide peaches and mint leaves evenly between moulds. Leave 5mm for expansion when freezing. Place lids on moulds and freeze overnight. Remove from freezer & Enjoy!

Choc Mango Pops

Choc Nut Mango Pops


3 Medium Mangoes, peeled chopped

1 Cup Low Fat Vanilla Yoghurt

1 Tbls Honey

2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

200g 70%cocoa Dark Chocolate

1 Cup Crushed Nuts (peanuts, Almonds)

½ Tsp Ground Cardamon


  1. Process mango, yoghurt, honey and half cinnamon until smooth. Spoon equaly into 2×4 hole (1/3 Cup) popsicle moulds. Insert sticks and freeze overnight.
  2. Place chocolate in a medium bowl over a saucepan of simmering water(base of bowl shouldnt touch water) stir until just melted, remove from stovetop.
  3. Line large baking tray with baking paper, combine nuts with cardamon and remaining cinnamon on tray. Working quickly, dip moulds briefly into hot water to release popsicle. One by one immediately dip half way into cooled melted chocolate and roll in nut mixture. Re-freeze for 5mins or until set. Tasty and a wee bit naughty!

Remember these are treats so don’t eat too many!! 😉 

& that’s my athletes stomach…

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