Your An Adrenaline Junkie Too

Have you jumped out of a plane? Maybe off a bridge or sky rise building? SkydivingDriven a fast car or surfed the biggest wave? Or just haven’t got around to it yet… Think it’s not you? Well I’m telling you, there’s an adrenaline junkie inside all of us!

Personally I have no desire to fly, fall or plummet from the heights above, being up in the reaches of clouds and hearing someone say ‘jump!’ has never sat logically with me. Maybe I watched one documentary too many as a kid, they showed the failures of simply pulling a tag to release a parachute, that will save your life! Knowing they aren’t a 100% successful safety device is enough convincing for me to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

For me, adrenaline is that ‘rush’ feeling that causes the instinctual reaction down your arm and brings your hand into a firmly clenched fist to throw in the air.

Many athletes competing style comes solely from the adrenaline stores, it makes them lift their game, focus and determined to claim a win. Athletes with the passion and competitive spirit will thrive on that successful moment and for most of us, it is rare. It’s that moment, which is photographed and published in every paper, magazine and on every website or news highlight! It’s the part when an athlete competes, wins, or even just performs a PB. Not only does the athlete feel the rush but the crowd & viewers do too, it’s why we watch sport! Seeing dreams come true, triumphs from failures and the close calls. Everybody wants to feel that emotion and live in that second.

There’s something about adrenaline that makes me clearly remember certain matches and moments from times gone by. It’s as though my brain has been hard wired to remember that exact point in time and how I was feeling only to make the mind and body constantly crave to feel it again.

In comparison to an adrenaline junkie there’s little difference, your desperate to feel the high which success and achievement gives you. Whilst winning isn’t everything, it’s the powerful effect of adrenaline that athletes are desperate for, it makes us competitive, it makes us Determined.

& that’s my athletes mind…

The Adrenaline Moment


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