The Investment Buy

Take a risk on a budget or purchase the ‘investment’ buy?

Sound ridiculous to compare tough career decisions to shopping sprees but let me tell you they have more in common than you think!

Going forward with your career is the same as staying ‘on trend’ with your fashion. (Maybe this is where my love for fashion design comes from!? Now I’m just being crazy…) I’m talking about the critical choices you have to make in order to progress even if it means potentially receiving a slap in the face from the girl who had her hands on the last pair of size 7’s first!

Decisions are based on rankings, possible points and of-course the earnings. Just recently I had to make a tough call about entering a tournament. I touched down in Australia on 3rd of January and I am processing for a UK visa as my move is going well I want it to be more permanent. Now the twist- There’s a tournament late January close to home followed by a bigger one in Winnipeg, Canada straight after. The risk here is this, I’m currently a qualifier, if I enter, do well, then I’ll benefit from a lot of points which would be good for my ranking but if I don’t then it could be quite costly.On top of this visas take 2-3 weeks standard time to be processed and I can’t fly to Canada without a passport! Unfortunately there is no other way to get a visa. Now do I take the risk and pay money for flights to Canada on the hope I play well let alone even make it out of the country with a passport!?

Compare that messy situation to falling in love with that amazing dress or one off pair of overalls which are a bit more expensive than you would have liked or maybe last one in a size too big! Do you take that risk and buy them anyway?

The answer- Take a step back and then ask yourself the tough questions! Am I likely to play well and get points required? Will stress of passport affect my lead up performance? Buy flights now and possibly lose money? Or perhaps in shopping terms; Will I actually wear this? How often, everyday or special occasion? Is it a want or a need item!? Value for money or are they just really nice to look at 😉

Unfortunately, on this one looking at the bigger picture and taking things into consideration it’s not worth the short term gains (if they were to happen!) The risks outweigh the benefits. It’s like deciding between buying the cheap sports skirt, getting a few good wears only to purchase a newie in two months or spend a little extra dough to buy top brand quality like Nike that last for couple years? Plus it’s a little more on the classy side… ( I’m open to sponsorship Nike!?)

However, sometimes you need to just back yourself and go into a tournament with no expectations and just high hopes, similar to that impulse buy at the store! And at other times your better saving the cash for rent next week! I told you the tough decisions are just like shopping.

& that’s my athletes mind…

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